3D-Laserscanning / As-Built-Service

DELTA sets new standards in the as-built-documentation. With our 3D laser scanner, we create a point cloud of your existing plant. This point cloud is developed by millions of points within a coordinate system which we receive with the touch-free and precise scanning of your plant by our scanner. This cloud then forms the basis for creating 3D models and all 2D drawings. This serves as a template for the planned conversions or extensions.

Your Benefits:

  • Extremely fast data collection
  • Precise and touch-free as-built-measurement
  • Cost and time reduction for the overall project
  • Data implementation in 3D systems
  • Collision control for re-planning
  • Navigation, measuring, redlining, document linking within the entire scanned environment
  • Checking of existing documents
  • Virtual reality environment for all project participants
  • Photorealistic 3D documentation

Leica Scan Station P40

  • Autarkic Scanner
  • Max. Range 270 m
  • up to 1 Mio. Points / Second
  • Range noise 0,5 mm rms at 50 m
  • IP54 classified

Leica TS09

  • Angle accuracy 1", 2", 3"
  • Quadruple axis compensation
  • Range > 500m Distance -
  • Acuracy precise Fast  2mm + 2ppm

iSTAR Fusion - NCTech 360°

  • 4 Spre calibrated sensors
  • High resolution 50-MP panoramic image
  • Incl. WLAN, GPS, Compass und tilt sensors
  • waterproofed
  • Automatic 26ev HDR and ISO

Our 3D-Laserscanning Equipment

The 3D-Laserscanning At Work

Reverse Engineering / As-Built-Documentation

  • As-built documentation via 3D Laserscan
  • Creating aof Drawings based on he point cloud e.g. Isometics
  • Updating the plant documentation

3D Modelling

  • Exact 3D-Modelling
  • Virtual Tour
  • Project-Engineering support
  • Sales support

Plant conversion / Plant expansion

  • Preparation of planning documents
  • 3D Clash-Detection


Construction industry and Architecture

  • Construction in existing contexts
  • Preparation of facade- and floor plans
  • Creation of land use plans
  • Documentation of structural damage


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